Wallpaper Submission - Squares

This is my second submission. Another try to play with Blender. For this one I tried to made it similar to previous wallpapers.

Light version:

Other resolutions and source: https://github.com/DenysMb/Plasma-6-Wallpapers/tree/main/Squares-Breeze


Dark version:


Really cool ! Great job !

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This is great! Love the light version (although I usually prefer dark!)

Great wallpaper! Love the both light and dark ones!

Reminds me of dominoes.

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This seems to be a 1:1 copy of this tutorial. All the elements are in the same position and places of the thumbnail. Unless you are the owner of that Youtube channel, Iā€™m afraid I have to disqualify this entry. Let me know if that is the case.


I think this part from the rules:

The wallpaper must be original, created specifically for this contest

does not fit. Comments on YT from 1 year ago. :wink:

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