Wallpaper submission-Sunrise,new beginning

I have made this wallpaper when I was at lowest at my life. This give me hope for new beginning, fresh start, a new opportunity. I have been using kde for over a 2 years now and I think with new plasma 6 , a new start will begin. I am not making dark wallpaper because as I am from India and it is bad omen for keeping sunset as wallpaper because it might represent end of something. But with sunrise, we have new hope. Keeping this as default wallpaper might be best choice(or doing some modification in it)(sorry for my bad english).


Amazing Photo. Indeed a masterpiece.


I think it is made with Blender. :slight_smile:

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Looks good! Can you make the transition between the water and the sky a bit softer? Maybe through some fog? Right now it’s somewhat harsh. Thanks!

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