Wallpaper Submission — The Plasma System

Forgot to post this on here, because procrastination. Can’t believe it’s October already.
I present to you, The Plasma System. (Konstellation would be a good name too, choose either one.)

It’s just a constellation resembling Konqi, and that’s it (excluding the random splotches in the background that are supposed to be stars).

No light version, because you know, space. There’s a version with a softer background (more gray and stuff), if anyone would want one (just ask).

The only theme (provided in the announcement) which this remotely follows is probably personal growth, because again, space.

Made with both Krita and GIMP, source file down below, provided as a .ora (OpenRaster) file.


cool! I like it :slight_smile: I Like the name Konstellation, I once made a wallpaper with that name haha