Wallpaper submission - the unstoppable

I tried my best. Hope you guys like it. The work was done in Inkscape.

Light and night:




You got Easter eggs in it as well! Love it

Thanks! I am satisfied. :blush:

Great busy busy work

Where ?
That is final I’m going to OPSM

There is not too obvious “6”, there is the KDE logo, and part of the Plasma logo floating around the truck.

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Wow! :exploding_head: How!? Is this all 2D or does Inkscape have 3D features I don’t know about. Love your style ^ __ ^

Hello, fellow contestant!) No, I was making models in Blender, and then I set the light with the right angle. All the rest of the work was done already in Inkscape. If I have time, then I want to redo the color component of this wallpaper.

models in a blender:

render with light:

actually the illustration itself is in inkscape:


Ah, very interesting workflow, thanks for sharing!

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With a different color)