WALLPAPERS from a newbi

I’m Devgna Vyas from India, currently pursuing IT. As a non-professional artist, I’m excited to participate in the KDE wallpaper competition. Winning a frameworks laptop would greatly aid my studies. Your consideration means a lot.

1.jpg - a illustration of burning desire to be at the top yet being calm.

2.jpg - a warrior with calmness and patience as his strength

3.jpg - a illustration of my mind when i am happy

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It seems that your submission get corrupted upon upload (turned into bright stripes).
For me uploading png instead of jpeg fixed this, but that’s not the root of the problem.
The true reason for me is that my browser LibreWolf blocked HTML5 canvas access.
See developer’s answer ~ https://discuss.kde.org/t/some-uploaded-jpeg-images-get-corrupted/5572/2?u=waterfall
And/or maybe you have some extension installed that might’ve caused this (like CanvasBlocker)?

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