WARNING about Manjaro and plasma 6 on unstable and testing brahches

I JUST realized that suddenly stuff is “installed” from AUR on my 2 Manjaro installations.
I have no idea why Manjaro did not manage the packages correctly in the update but both my machines are now in an unsupported state with a ton of AUR stuff I did not WANT to have there.

I asked about it on their forum and pretty much got, “sorry to be you bro”.
I kid you not, the manjaro testing was installed less than 2 months ago, and the packages breaking is from the INSTALLATION and they respond with:

Yes they were a part of your OS (which you installed), and those packages came from the repos, so you were ok with them.


So PLEASE if you run Manjaro, be VERY aware that you are in a potentially broken state as of now.
Only on unstable and testing, but soon they will push it to stable and the same thing will probably happen there!!!

I have been recommending Manjaro, because it HAS been very stable for me.
But THIS makes me regret that seeing how they react when clearly THEY made a mistake.

Again, I did nothing, especially on the testing installation, because I WANTED to use that as a feedback to them with things that might not be as it should, so they could fix BEFORE moving on to stable.

This makes me regret everything and even I will look into moving on to another distro now.
I can probably fix it manually, just like I would on arch, but that is not what manjaro should be, and if it is just like arch, why would I recommend it to anyone?

The systems still boots fine, and I know how to fix it (I think), but what about people who only wanted a system to “just work”, this is a dangerous situation for a user like that to end up in. :frowning:

Ya, it doesn’t help when people start throwing hissy fits when people tell them what happened, and how to deal with it.

You have a habit of reacting in a toxic manner… I start to see where a lot of the viral news from internet starts.

I am running TESTING branch, fully updated.
I don’t have Krunner5 showing from ‘pacman Qm’.

Frequently things are explained to you. Manjaro cannot ‘put things from the AUR onto your installations’ as you stated.

It was suggested that ‘YOUR interpretation of the situation is wrong’.

You are regarded as a Troll. You start using inappropriate capitals, and you made this post in KDE forum after making a threat in the Manjaro forum.

This behaviour is rather unacceptable - I suggest this thread be closed. Manjaro issues are well dealt with in the forum.

  • Not all packages are explicitly installed. Manjaro DOES NOT SUPPORT AUR. It is your responsibility to read and understand what you install.

The question you asked ‘how do I fix it now?’ can be answered by a Linux Mint NOOB.

  1. Restore a snapshot.
  2. Restore a backup.
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I am not going to argue about it here Ben, I asked a question to potentially save the entire stable branch from getting TONS of problems with plasma 6, that was the ONLY reason.

I know how to handle AUR.
And as for the laptop, I installed it with the explicit reason to be able TO HELP MANJARO, I installed the laptop using Manjaro repos ONLY and NOTHING ELSE.

Clearly they can, because as I explained, the testing laptop is installed with nothing strange, only from the manjaro repos.
And it was also debunked in the Manjaro thread by another user.

Glade to see that you are finally eating crow.

Fyi about your wife’s laptop, I figured it out (I think, I spent like 10 mins trying to analyze it before moving on to just fixing it. I mean, if they react that way on their forum, why should I bother trying to figure it out).

It was them renaming (among other things) krunner to krunner5 in October (I think, I am on another computer now) then things got moved around in the repos a few times, then just removed so they “became” AUR packages.
If the laptop is on stable, they might actually fix it now so maybe you won’t have to worry too much.

Nothing really broke on my system, but for your sanity, you can just clean it up by removing them if they pop up in pacman -Qm.

There were some systemd stuff in there too, but all deprecated so just remove.

Nothing to be glad about. But if you had a reason like this instead what you presented in the other thread, I would have agreed with you. :heart:

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You are truly clueless aren’t you. BLOCKED

That package is not coming from Manjaro, it was submitted to Archlinux AUR in 16/03/2024.

Archlinux did it because the moment Plasma6 was released, a lot of old widgets and extensions still require krunner based on Qt5.

So after upgrading you will get the new krunner package compiled against Qt6, but the old one was renamed to krunner5 and pushed to AUR, and Archlinux/Manjaro has no responsibility to remove your orphan packages.

Also, after all Plasma 6 upgrades were stabilized and most apps migrated to Qt6, you should clean your system by removing not required packages.


I was talking to the clueless one @bedna who keeps defending them when there is way too much they have done that they shouldn’t have done to defend them ever.

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Nothing is broken in Manjaro unstable branch, it’s just your lack of understanding how things work.

Manjaro unstable is directly synchronized with Arch repos, so it’s the same as you are running Arch stable, except for Manjaro package overlays and customizations.

And if you can’t do simple searches of new added AUR packages in Archlinux and why they were pushed there, then Manjaro unstable and Arch is not suitable for you. It’s best for you to switch to stable branch, which is still running Plasma 5.27.11.


Stable branch is the most free bug branch of all Manjaro branches, it simply works while relaxing upgrades to avoid all bugs thrown at you from Arch testing ground.

If you use stable branch with Flatpaks for third party apps you will never break your system.

One advice: NEVER use AUR on stable branch :slight_smile:

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I removed krunner5 because it showed up as orphaned on March 17. That happened to several packages which were formerly part of Arch’s (not Manjaro) plasma/framework 5 meta.

One can argue about the additional sugar Manjaro sprinkles on things and how reality matches expectation, but at the core this is something the user must handle on an Arch based distro. If that is testing/unstable for Manjaro it seems reasonable the same notion applies.

But there was no problem with the Testing branch.

As they explained to him in the thread, when you install software - it will have dependencies. I have a long list of packages that require qt-5 packages and they have not been removed.

When explained ‘Given that they might still be needed by qt-5 stuff they may still receive updates because Plasma 5.27 is LTS’.

Bedna’s reply implies language difficulties… ‘So what does that mean? I just remove them?’.

Clearly not. And despite the clear explanation he continues ‘should those not have been removed (by Manjaro) in the update?’

And so now Bedna is on the defensive, claiming to be under attack ‘How should I have been aware that this would happen?’.

Again, it is explained that IF they are not listed as dependencies, and they do not conflict, then they will just remain in place in the update to plasma 6.

It’s a boring FUD thread started here by an Angry Bedna… due to a misinterpretation of the situation.

So Bedna should try posting his /var/log/pacman.log and /var/log/Calamares.log to verify - but simply continues to RANT instead.

So we’re back down to pointless ‘I messed up my system, so now I’m gonna RANT on Manjaro again’.

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All I have to say is there is some FUD due to misunderstanding. Manjaro is fine for many. I’ve been using the KDE version daily for over 9 years.


9 years - that’s impressive. I hated KDE with a vengence in the early days, I only rediscovered it about 6 years ago… that’s when I moved on from Linux Mint (because I got bored with ‘stable’ because ‘stable’ seems to mean ‘out of date most of the time’).

Anyways - I’m on Testing branch, and I’ve no issues with Manjaro - but some big issues fighting through cleaning up the configs, and a couple of issues getting to grips with Wayland

  • Mouse Gestures - waiting for devs to get excited and push that forward…
  • Conky which only runs on X, and has issues with windows in overview/grid and bigger issues if set to run natively on Wayland (all the ‘goto’ and ‘align’ is borked).

So far not too bad… Software ALWAYS sucks, it’s just a matter of degree really.

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partly OT:
@Balder : If you want to use green as a main colour of your DE and stay close to the Breeze icon theme, this is a nice icon set I can recommend: https://www.pling.com/p/1339435
I changed to it in Manjaro when I had installed it for 1.5 years some time ago and I still use these icons in openSUSE.

Manjaro has caused several problems for me then - on the contrary a friend of mine presently uses Manjaro on 5 of 6 private computers with nearly no problems at all.
As many things in life this depends :wink:, but I prefer Arch or EOS to Manjaro these days…

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:laughing: Sorry, I misunderstood…

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There are, and have been over periods of time… I’ve certainly noticed them, since I installed Manjaro about 12 months ago, warnings about the AUR on the Manjaro Forum.

Those warning repeat constantly.


So while I sympathise with your issues. You were warned. The AUR is NOT a Manjaro service. It is there ONLY because Manjaro is based on Arch, and a lot of the software included in it will run on Manjaro… It is NOT recomended for Daily Driver use.

It is no better nor worse than Ubuntu PPAs on Linux Mint (and I fell foul of those, more than once. But I have never canned Linux Mint for allowing them to be installed.

Your problem is NOT Manjaro, or even the AUR, any more than the PPAs were Linux Mints problem for me. It is a failure to RTFM, and act acordingly.