Waydroid crashes on start in Kubuntu-23

Hello there,

I am new to Kubuntu, but I use other Ubuntu derivates since many years.

As I want to switch phone from Android to Linux (midterm), I am looking for a reliable opportunity to use Android Apps with Linux/Ubuntu/Kubuntu … I like the idea of Plasma (5) and the appearance of Kubuntu 23+ very much.

So I installed Waydroid and since it happens frequently, that Linux apps on Kubuntu 23 tend to freece like in old windows BSOD days and whenever I try to start Waydroid it instantly crashes.

My question for now is mainly, if that seems more a KDE problem or a Waydroid problem respectively do I start to seek help better here or there (did not yet ask there).

Sadly I have not much information about what happens in the system, but I try to provide some data:

  • I installed Kubuntu 23 on a brand new SSD and only started to set it up as current working system - more than 800 GB free

  • quite old but stable workhorse ThinkPad T440 with i5 4th gen.

  • 8 GB RAM

If there is some experience here with running Waydroid on Kubuntu, especially 23 or experience with known issues I’d appreciate all support or guidance.
Otherwise I am fine to ask in the Waydroid community or in the Kubuntu community aswell. I just do want to avoid double posting and thus ask here first.

Thx for reading, sincerely