Wayland and bad eyesight, screen zooming works! To everyone currently using KMag on X11

On Fedora Kinoite, and probably other Distros too, there is KMagnifier preinstalled.

The app does not work a single bit on Wayland, which would be a huge problem if everyone stops shipping X11 anymore at all.

But there is help! You dont actually need an app, there is a native KWin feature to zoom the area around the cursor, or the whole screen (following the cursor).

You can find it when searching for “Kwin Effects”

You can even select how much the screen should be zoomed!

I think the only necessary thing here would be to make this possible from the very beginning, so that people with bad eyesight dont need help to set up their PC.


I’m pretty sure that effect is enabled by default, so you can just start using it immediately!

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