Wayland immediately locks up VM and its host when VM is taken to full-screen (HOST+F)

On Solus, our devs are planning to adopt Wayland as the default WM when version 4.4 of the OS is released, which is expected to be soon. I’m a frequent user of VirtualBox VMs, and I discovered that as things stand with Wayland right now, taking a VM (Linux or Windows) to full-screen immediately locks up both the VM and its host machine. A hard shutdown is required in order to move on from there.

With no change to the VM settings, after logging on to an X11 session, it works perfectly, so it’s definitely an unresolved Wayland issue. And even on Wayland, so long as one avoids using HOST+F, perhaps just maximizing the VM’s window in the Host’s client area, everything works without incident.

I’ve filed a bug report about this, but it hasn’t yet been triaged by the Solus devs. I’m wondering whether a similar problem has been found by anyone else using Wayland and VirtualBox? And, of course, if anyone knows what it takes to fix it? Is anyone using VirtualBox VMs on Wayland on an OS where this doesn’t happen?

VirtualBox is version 7, if that matters, and Plasma is 5.27.5. Thanks for any help with this.

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I can add more details to this now.

My main laptop is the host for these VMs, and it dual boots Solus and Sparky Linux. Today I logged on to a Wayland session on Sparky, created a Solus Budgie VM, and took it to full screen with HOST+F. That locked up both the VM and the host (the host sccreen was blocked by the full-screen VM), requiring a rude shutdown and restart to move on from there.

I don’t know whether the host laptop was actually locked up, but with its entire screen covered by the locked-up VM, the result was the same.

I’m a KDE contributor, but I’m not a frequent user of this forum. If this information needs to be somewhere else, I’d appreciate any help in that regard. Feel free to contact me if more information is required.

Running Arch KDE Wayland 5.27.6 + VirtualBox 7.0.8-2 and I can not reproduce a crash.
Can you reproduce this every time you go into fullscreen or does it happen only sometimes?

Do the journald logs show any crash of the host system?

I can reproduce it 100%, on two differnt distros. I’ll see if I can find anything from journald.

Since I updated that message, my laptop with Solus and Sparky on it developed a dual-boot issue, so I switched to another. But if I have to, I’ll crash this one and check journald here.

I’m not sure what I’m looking for in the logs, so I can’t tell for sure. When the system is locked up, as I wrote, the only way to continue is to do a restart using the power button. But having a VM present blocks a normal restart, so choosing to log out doesn’t work. I need to press and hold the power button until the machine shuts down, and then restart it. I’ve looked back through the timeline from there, but I can’t tell what’s happened before I shut it down.

For what it’s worth, my Plasma is 5.27.5, We’re still on the kernel. VirtualBox is 7.0.8-262. I’m very pleased that you aren’t having this problem. This being Friday, we’ll probably get a sync today, and maybe things will change here. I’ll pass your comment along to our devs, because in debugging, all clues are important. Thanks for your help.

I can confirm this partially for Plasma 6, in the sense that it locks the mouse input when going/returning from Fullscreen. Keyboard navigation works inside the VM and for navigating Virtuabox itself.

They keyboard shorcut (Host +F) works, in case the VM already has started in Fullscreen mode (and for some reason the keyboard shorcut wouldn’t work) using the Screen Edge feature of Plasma shows both windows so host is not locked up and the system does not need a hard shutdown, one can close both windows.

There’s a bug report for this 452124 – VirtualBox VM window stops reacting (partially) to inputs

/edit: Looks like an upstream issue #21780 (Mouse stucking in Guest (usually Linux) in Gnome Wayland Host) – Oracle VM VirtualBox , disabling the minibar is a workaround.