Wayland Tablet support is unusable for professional graphic design. I am willing to do a bounty to get it fixed ASAP

Professional graphics designers such as David Revoy cannot use wayland for graphic design (and are willing to overlook color management issues with Wayland in the meantime) as long as tablet support for Wayland is brought to be on par (at least) to X11.

As more and more distros move to Wayland as standard and X11 gets progressively more deprecated, professionals such as graphic designers will be pushed out and may eventually forced to leave linux. Once they have established their workflow on another platform it would be difficult to get them back.

If we want users to switch to linux and even stay on linux we must have proper tool support (and that means proper tablet support). I am willing to pay $50 CAD for it (its all I can afford atm since I am a student, but I am willing to give up my food and booze money for this lol), but I will continue adding money to the bounty as more becomes available if this project gets off the ground. Perhaps others could pitch in a little as well, since my financial means are currently limited to get the interest of veteran developers here.

You can read the thoughts of a graphic designer on using linux for his workflow here: