Weather widget is not displaying temp/wind etc

I’m on OpenSUSE. The weather widget, in the taskbar, is not displaying the temp and wind.
Where do I begin troubleshooting this?



I’ve just confirmed that the problem is with

If I switch to something like BBC, the plasmoid updates as intended.

I found that to be rather unreliable for me with it always wanting to either default to a place 60km away in another province or the capital in my province which is over 200km away, both larger cities that have different weather. Despite the fact we have official Environment Canada weather reporting station at the experimental farm the government runs for testing farming options just outside of town. My solution to the problem was this extension for Firefox which has worked flawlessly display that station since installed.

Weather Extension – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-CA)

I think it ultimately depends on the weather station that you chose what can be displayed.
And “tooltip”=mouseover.

I find the weather plasmoid to be completely unusable. I can install it and set my location, and everything is perfect, but it never updates again. I thought it might be the weather station I had chosen, but we have multiple stations close by and they all perform the same way. Each station shows different options.

This is not necessarily due to the plasmoid itself but to the data the different weather stations provide.

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Yes. That is what I am finding to be the case.

I don’t have a clue as to why, but it now works again. Go figure.

Since updating openSUSE Tumbleweed to Plasma 6.0.5, my weather widget is only showing wetter com locations. My local NOAA (US) station isn’t working. It’s like it lost all addresses that don’t lead to wette com. It’s not even showing the temperature next to the panel icon, as it is set to do.

There are known issues with NOAA right now because they changed the API we use to get data. We are adapting to it, and it should be fully fixed in Plasma 6.1.

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