Webgl broken (disabled?) after last update

Hi. I just updated my neon yesterday which brought me from plasma 5.27 to 6.0.0. It appears that wayland is now mainstream. Rather than dig my heels in, I want to try to work with that, but I noticed that webgl is now broken… or perhaps disabled. It doesn’t matter if I’m using firefox or chrome – it does not work, as evidenced by trying to blur my background in a hangouts meet, and by going here: WebGL Report – which tells me “This browser supports WebGL 2, but it is disabled or unavailable.”

Firefox version is 123. Webgl has been standard for a while now (I think since 110). In about:config webgl.disabled is set to false.

Is this bug? Or is there something I can do to force it back on? I’m not getting a lot of useful information when googling this one.


Addendum: just applied outstanding updates (there were a few), and now chromium is working with webgl – firefox still does not.

Works with the firefox flatpak FWIW

I see. I don’t like flatpaks… but I suppose I could use for the short term until the kinks get worked out.