Weird Firefox context menu issue on KDE Wayland

Hi, I just switched to Firefox and I’m encountering a weird issue where the Firefox tab bar context menu is cut off when right clicking the very top portion of the screen. Clicking the tab itself displays the context menu correctly without the scrollbar.
I’m posting it here, because it does not happen on X11 or other desktop environments. Is there a known fix/workaround for this uncommon problem?


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This looks like Firefox calculates the size, asks for a pop-up window of that size, but when actually drawing it the size is off by one pixel. This could be (a) because their calculation is wrong for some reason, or (b) because KWin gave Firefox a smaller pop-up window than the one they wanted.

Are you using fractional scaling by any chance? Sometimes those fractions can make trouble if they’re rounded into the wrong direction to produce actual pixel sizes (or positions).