What are some cool KDE libraries you know about?

I know of KHamburgerMenu which lets you turn an entire application menu into a hamburger menu with a simple toggle (Ctrl+m), and KCommandBar which takes only 5 lines of code to display a HUD-like search bar that shows you all menu entries in your application (Ctrl+Alt+i).

What are some KDE libraries you’ve seen that are very handy, yet are probably not very well known?


Some of these aren’t really unknown, but I feel like are easily glossed over:

  • KCoreAddons. It has the really useful KAboutData, but also some hidden gems like KSandbox to run host processes in Flatpak/Snap/etc.
  • Solid is used in more places than you think, and is a pretty useful hardware interface library.
  • KItemModels is one that every KDE developer should know (and use) as it has lots of built-in models that we use everywhere, and they’re even exposed in QML! Like KSortFilterModel.
  • Extra CMake Modules is hands down probably the most useful thing for any Qt & CMake project, it’s not only for KDE software. Once you’ve read some of the modules, you end up finding parts of ECM everywhere because it’s that useful. :slight_smile:

More cool libraries I became aware of recently:

  • KSandBox, which lets you detect (and run things from) a snap/flatpak sandbox (oh oops, already mentioned XD).
  • KWindowSystem, which has a collection of windowing system specific functionality (e.g. for X11 or Wayland). Especially useful if you want to change which feature is shown depending on whether you’re on X11 or Wayland.
  • KIdleTime, which lets you detect whether the system is idle or not.
  • KUnifiedPush, which lets you create (and publish) push notifications to a centralized server.