What are the Promo contractors up to? Weeks 07, 08 & 09 - 2024 - Megarelease Special

Dear Fellow Community Member,

You may have noticed we missed last week’s report. We both remembered, but when Wednesday rolled round and we were still up to our eyeballs in announcement stuff, we both went

“Awww. Frick it!”

Apart from the obvious thing, you may notice successes on the Network front: we now have a fully functional Nepalese Network that even celebrated Megarelease day with a healthy attendance

and a spanking new Costa Rica Network kicking off. Along with the successes of the Providence Network, that managed to get into a state-wide newspaper (both online and in print),

this has been a whopper few months for grassroots communities.

Enjoy the report.

Aniqa and Paul

Things done

  • Created all media and re-wrote texts for KDE Slimbook V special web page
  • Wrote press release and social media posts for KDE Slimbook V
  • Supported promotion of KDE Slimbook V on social media
  • Wrote post, sourced media and posted about KDE’s participation in GSoC 2024
  • Supported local groups celebrating Plasm 6 release
  • Created media and posted teasers for Plasma 6 announcement
  • Coordinated release and promotion of Plasma 6
  • Carried out moderation and reputation protection on social media
  • Edited and re-wrote blog post for Plasm Mobile 6
  • Created media and posted teasers for Plasma Mobile 6 announcement
  • Promoted release of Plasma Mobile 6
  • Started updating KDE websites
  • Supported the KDE Network event in Nepal
  • Started the KDE Network in Costa Rica

Things to do

  • Working on Annual Report 2023
  • Working on the Fundraising Newsletter
  • Working on the presentation for the Advisory Board
  • Finish updating websites to Plasma 6
  • Supporting community members to organize FOSSAsia
  • Supporting community members to organize event in Costa Rica

Ongoing projects and periodic tasks

  • Finding and solving mistakes in websites and wikis
  • Moderating social media
  • Weekly data collection on followers from Twitter, Mastodon and Instagram.
  • Daily data collection from mentions of KDE, Kdenlive, Krita, etc., from media across the web.
  • Daily update of progress bar and Hall of Fame on supporting member campaign page