What command to display the sddm shutdown screen on Plasma 6?

Hello everyone.

On Plasma 5 i found the command to be able to display the sddm shutdown screen (the same one that we see when we do ctrl+alt+del):

qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer logout -1 2 -1

But on plasma 6 it stands out to me:
Cannot find '.logout' in object /KSMServer at org.kde.ksmserver

Does anyone know what the new command ?

Thanks in advance

See here:

that should work.

qdbus org.kde.Shutdown /Shutdown org.kde.Shutdown.logout

This command disconnects me directly, in fact what I would like to do is see the page as in the photo with the 30 seconds :


If you want to see the prompt, you need the prompt command shown on the link. Like:
qdbus org.kde.LogoutPrompt /LogoutPrompt org.kde.LogoutPrompt.promptLogout

I already tried but nothing happens when I try this command.

I found the right commands to get the prompt on Plasma 6:

qdbus org.kde.LogoutPrompt /LogoutPrompt promptLogout
qdbus org.kde.LogoutPrompt /LogoutPrompt promptReboot
qdbus org.kde.LogoutPrompt /LogoutPrompt promptShutDown
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