What determines whether a file actually goes into Kate's "Open Recent" list?

One of the top frustrations I have with Kate is that the “Open Recent” list seems completely randomly “enforced”.

Frequently, I kill a tab only to almost immediately realize that I need it again. Then I look in “Open Recent”, both in the top and in the bottom and everywhere in between, but the file is just not there. It’s nowhere to be found. That’s often seconds after its tab was closed.

Sometimes, it is there. Oftentimes, it’s not. In the beginning, I thought that I was simply looking in the top or the bottom and it’s the other way, and I had just not got adjusted to it, but random opened files really don’t show up in that list. I don’t know what to make of it.

What determines whether a file actually goes into that list? I’ve never had this happen in any other program on any OS, except for Kate.

In your specific case executing “Go to Previous Location” (by configured shortcut, or using the back button) automatically reopens the closed document placing the caret back to the previous location.
There are also a couple of options to rapidly open documents, like using the “quick open” feature, or triggering a operation search with CTRL+Alt+I (default) and typing the document name there.

I just tried closing a tab in Kate and then clicked the left arrow saying “Go to Previous Location”. Nothing happened.

Well, um… Why doesn’t it simply mean “any file”? These conditions, regardless of their details, don’t seem to be met a lot of the times for me. I frequently try to open a tab that I closed too hastily, only to find it’s not in the list. I don’t understand why it has to be this over-complicated and convoluted. It just needs to keep track of any file I have closed from Kate. It couldn’t be simpler…

Interestingly This action doesn’t work until you move the caret. This looks like a bug to me.