What is causing some QML/Kirigami apps to have jumbled layout?

Hi there, I build custom Debian 12 images with Plasma using a live ISO build tool. I do include some customizations, but for this test I reverted all of them with rmm -R ~/.* (intentionally misspelled so somebody doesn’t try to run it).

The problem I’ve having is that on my custom image there are certain elements of QML / Kirigami apps that have a jumbled layout only on my custom Debian 12 image, but not with the official Debian 12 Plasma live ISO. It only happens when I set the “General” font size to 11 (up from the default of 10), and it doesn’t seem to matter which font style. I’ve seen this issue with the SDDM background image configuration options and in the plasma-systemmonitor “Configure page…” button.



Vanilla Debian 12


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Any ideas of what is causing this issue on my custom system? It must be an additional or missing package on my ISO that is triggering the issue, as all of the packages on the ISO are unmodified directly from the Debian repos. Thanks in advance.

Many Kirigami UI elements adjust in size based on the font. In the “Mine” screenshot, it looks like the system font is set wrong somehow. If you look at the text “Noto Sans 11” it’s clearly not actually written in Noto Sans! It looks like a monospaced font, maybe Hack. I would suspect whatever’s causing that could be the root of the general problem.

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Hey Nate, thanks a lot for taking the time to respond.

Good eye there about the Noto font, you’re right, I didn’t have Noto installed. But my default configuration actually uses the Ubuntu font, and it’s definitely installed and working:

But thanks for pointing me in that direction, it turns out that after installing Noto it does render correctly at size 11, and so do all the other fonts I tried:


So it looks like the problem is specifically with the Ubuntu font. I wonder if this is also an issue with newer versions of Plasma / KDE Apps and non-Debian systems?

Edit: DejaVu Sans is also showing the same issue as the Ubuntu font, and I tested them both in the vanilla Debian 12 live ISO.

Interesting. I can’t reproduce the issue myself in Plasma 6 with Ubuntu 11 as the general font: