What is "Remote Viewer" program?

I installed KRDC to remote into Windows but noticed there is also Remote Viewer program that is default installed in plasma desktop and I’m wondering what’s it’s use?

Is it remote desktop like KRDC but for Linux to Linux only?
What protocol does it use?
Are there some screenshots of an actual connection?

Where can I find more information about it? (sadly all google searches lead toward KRDC)

The “Remove Viewer” application (or virt-viewer) is part of the Virtual Machine Manager project and its launcher name is a bit unfortunate.

Its purpose is to connect to the virtual display of virtual machines using the SPLICE protocol - a protocol to full screen frame buffers from virtual machines. Normally you wouldn’t call this application directly as when you are using the Virtual Machine Manager UI (by running “Virtual Machine Manager” or virt-manager) the manager UI will start the “Remote Viewer” as needed with the correct parameters and you won’t actually see its primary UI. The purpose of the standalone “Remote Viewer” is if you know of a virtual machine on a remote system, that you can connect to using SPLICE and you have all the configuration and credentials but do not want to setup a connection through Virtual Machine Manager - then you can use “Remote Viewer” to connect directly to the the remote’s libvirtd SPLICE protocol.

This is a very niche use case and I wish that the person who wrote the Desktop Entry launcher for virt-viewer would have written the name as something like “Remote Virtual Machine Viewer”, or something like that, to make sure that people understand that this is not the application that you are looking for.

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Thank you very much for detailed explanation, it’s appreciated!
I now very much understand it because already using virt-manager