What is the Plasma bluetooth tool?

In order to investigate an odd problem where bluetooth audio speakers lose sound after pausing audio playback until bluetooth re-connection - a problem fixed by running blueman-manager - I want to know more about the Plasma BT tool that’s the alternative to blueman.

For details on the problem see these questions and their answers:


Bluedevil is the name of the Bluetooth tool. AFAIK it’s just a UI for bluez though, like blueman.

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Do you know what blueman-manager does when running - more than what happens before in Plasma (than bluedevil does) -, thus explaining it fixes my problem?

I don’t know. But if you haven’t already, try testing this with a more up-to-date distro, and if it still happens for you, you should file a bug report on https://bugs.kde.org so the developers are more likely to see the issue.

This is very specific, it’s about bluetooth issues in a linux distribution running on a mac.

I have indeed confirmed this with very recent Plasma in Kaos in live mode. I wasn’t able to find this outside Plasma. Distros with GTK desktops (Xubuntu, Mint) that feature blueman by default are not affected I guess.
I want to file a bug report against bluedevil very soon. But I fear this might be even narrower: limitted to Plasma+bluetooth+Macbook+UE Boom. I wasn’t able to test other BT speakers (JBL etc) - and ear speakers are not affected (afaict).

But whatever blueman-manager effectively does as a plus value should be added to bluedevil.

Bug report: 477442 – Bluetooth speaker loses audio after media pause (on Macbook with UE Boom)