What Neon channel to track for Plasma 6.0 RC?

Did you create more than 2 virtual desktops? It will not work if you don’t but at the moment it appears that it isn’t working for neon RC1 for some reason but working on kaOS and Fedora kinoite. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

The issue with desktop cube is tracked on KDE bug #480353

I know, it is my bug report. Will see on the 31st if anything has changed after RC2 drops. Hopefully this has been fixed.

Now that Plasma 6 RC2 is out, installed&updated KDE Neon Plasma Testing reports itselt still RC1. Any ideas, when RC2 gets into testing?
It seems that there are still a huge number of qt5&lf5 etc packages installed&required so it is a long way to go to get pure qt6 based Plasma 6 to be ready…

Still not able to get cube to work on Neon…works on everything else I have tried but not on KDE’s own DE.

I have been wondering the same thing myself. Looks like I’m going to have to be cubeless until Feb 28, 2024

I just downloaded the Fedora 40 kde live iso and cube working fine on that. I gave up trying to get neon cube to work and as I am on Fedora 39 and waiting for the kde spin of 40 to drop it is nice to know that it works fine. I didn’t install it as it is still only RC2 but it tested fine on live.

I seem to have the cube here. MJaybe check again?

@claydoh @esra are you running testing or unstable? Might be fixed for one and not the other one.

In the past both didn’t work for me but I haven’t checked in a while.
The bug report mentioned in What Neon channel to track for Plasma 6.0 RC? - #22 by Paul_Worrall is also still open


Because no one has checked or reported since?