What nvidia config settings are needed to make wayland plasma 6 work?

To everyone who has a nvidia gpu which works ok with plasma 6 wayland and the nvidia proprietary drivers,
does it work without fiddling with nvidia config settings
or do wayland or plasma 6 only begin to work after setting some nvidia configs?

For me it worked out of the box on a new KDE neon 6.0 install

I also confirm that it works out of the box. In KDE Neon at least.

I have to be more specific: plasma 6 doesn not work on my old computer with the nvidia drivers 470.239.06 on a gpu GeForce GT 630 (12 year old).
Anybody else with drivers 470 and/or an old nvidia gpu that are able to run plasma 6 ?

What does “doesn’t work” mean in this context?

And it probably won’t on wayland, at least not perfect.
You need the latest nvidia divers, and sadly old nvidia cards are not supported with the new driver. :frowning:
Maybe bumblebee or some other project will make it happen in the future.

What I have gathered over the last few weeks reading up on this, is that you really need to configure nvidia correctly. I think the config file is less important than I earlier thought, but the kernel stuff, like early loading of modules and kernel parameters HAVE to be correct for wayland to work properly.
x11 is still way more forgiving when using nvidia.

But I can tell you this. I have had zero problems with plasma 6 wayland since .0 release with my AMD/Nvidia prime setup.
So nvidia is most likely NOT the one to blame completely here (even though you guys REALLY want to), it has more to do with if your distro is managing it for you OR you have to make those adaptations yourself.

with nvidia driver and autologin I get a black screen with a mouse pointer. The only thing that works is alt-tabbing (but there are no running applications) and no way to start a program other than with my shortcuts (alt-f12 to launch chrome browser) if I recall correctly.
But for now I am no longer going to try to run with the nvidia drivers because when I switch back to nouveau, it is kinda difficult to resize from the 4k resolution to 1080p: sometimes I have to try 10 times before the resize succeeds and not fails with a scrambled screen.