What should I do with my report? My bug report was marked RESOLVED WORKSFORME

The report in question ID 483040 (I can’t include links in the post?).

It says that the bug was in NEEDSINFO status for more than 30 days, but I checked my emails and I never received an email asking for more info and at least one person mentioned that he can reproduce the issue.

The issue definitely still isn’t solved, so it’s quite strange why it was marked that way.

“WORKSFORME” means all attempts at reproducing this bug were futile, and reading the code produces no clues as to why the described behavior would occur. If more information appears later, the bug can be reopened.

Someone stated that it “Should be fixed in 6.1 with the ported dataengine” . 6.1 comes out Tue 2024-06-18, you could see then if it is fixed and if not reopen the bug, ot perhaps someone else can check if there’s some relevant commit in gitlab already.

I’m not sure why Fushan Wen (a major KDE contributor) changed the status of the report to NEEDINFO when they commented that it should be fixed in 6.1" - especially after Nate Graham said they can reproduce the issue and confirmed it, it was likely a mistake?

Best thing to do, I believe, is put it back to CONFIRMED.

Not only brightness, even audio slider suffers from this slowness, it’s like all the intermediate values between the start and stop positions are continuously all applied in the background which generates kind of slowness.