What Tech/FOSS RSS feeds do you follow?

Apart from @ngraham’s awesome blog @ Adventures in Linux and KDE

I’ve just set up Alligator to follow a few RSS Feeds and I’m looking for more suggestions.

  • Planet KDE (includes Nate Graham’s blog but also many other KDE dev’s blogs)
  • Phoronix (Primarily to get some news on projects I don’t follow that much otherwise, although if something grabs my interest I go to the original source as Phoronix tends to be somewhat inaccurate. They also do some interesting benchmarks though.)
  • GamingOnLinux (if you are into gaming, of course)
  • Collabora (involved in a variety of FOSS projects)
  • Blogs of specific projects I’m interested in (e. g. Asahi Linux or Ruffle)
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  • LWN (Linux Weekly News) can be quite advanced and centered around Linux in general but has great articles written in journalistic fashion. The website might look from a different decade but it has no-adds included and is very legible, in truly function before form style.

  • omgubuntu.co.uk is very end-user centric and has howto articles.

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KDE Feeds in addition to those mentioned above –

openSUSE –

General Linux stuff –

For German residents, Olaf Willuhn’s feed for his Home-Banking application suite is the fast-track for needed changes – amazingly the banking world does sometimes change their customer interfaces … :roll_eyes:

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