What's the best way to get macro keys working on Plasma?

What’s the best way to get macro keys working on Plasma? Is there something very simple that can be done under keyboard shortcuts?

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I’ve been using Input Remapper (by sezanzeb/input-remapper on Github, I can’t post links because forum rules for new users). Works across both Wayland and X11 (something I unfortunately still have to switch between often), supports both button combos and macros.

App is in maintenance mode but I consider it feature complete.

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Thanks. Guess I’ll mention it to my brother. He’s trying to ditch Windows because the Recall feature scare lit a fire under his behind to push him to switch. So, he’s giving it another go. But I am glad I just kept my peripherals simple when I switched to Linux 8 years ago.

Can you describe what “macro keys” means in this context?

From what my brother said to me, it’s setting a key combination on a special key. That special key on the board is a macro key. So, instead of pressing ctrl+alt+F1, he could just apply that to a single macro key to simulate that key combination.

I don’t know. I just never cared to use nonsense like this. It seems like the current Windows power users, with their fancy peripherals, make their lives more complicated for no reason at all I find.