What's the "Chromium Safe Storage" in Wallet Manager?

I have so far several times reinstalled system (with KDE\plasma ofc.) and noticed that there is always one entry in Wallet Manager that sits there by default.

The entry is called Chromium Safe Storage and has some password set
(please see screenshot below)

I would like to know what this entry is and why is it there by default?
I don’t have any chromium based software installed, at least I believe so, I’m using firefox-esr
You might as well, I’m sure, noticed this entry, take a look at your wallet and you’ll see.
What would happen if I delete this entry? is it needed?

My system is Debian 12.5 with KDE plasma 5.27.5

I’m bumping this thread.

Doesn’t anyone wonder what this password is?
Don’t you see it in your wallet?