What's the future of Kirigami right now?

I want to ask what are the future plans of Kirigami. It seems to be a flawed framework. There’s a lot of issues with Kirigami too that others already highlighted, like “underdocumentation,” if that’s a word. What are the ways these criticisms will be dealt with in the future?

P.S. I’m asking because I’m trying to use it to build my own KDE app myself even though we’re in the middle of Plasma 6 being developed. Well… Personally, I want to like it, but I just have a lot of problems with it.

The same thing we do with the rest of our frameworks, we improve them. I was improving our QML documentation (which affects Kirigami) but I really should pick that up again…

We get there by putting in the effort and improving what we have :slight_smile:


We actually have a thread about this in Discuss as well: https://discuss.kde.org/t/we-need-your-thoughts-on-kirigami/