What's with the "add-ons" parts of the updater?

Whenever the updater (oddly named “Discover”) shows its icon in the notification area, I click it to bring up the updates to apply them.

Almost every time, there’s a whole list of “Add-ons” listed on top of the actual updates. What are these? They seem to be for trivial/unwanted things related to themes which I don’t use and haven’t installed.

Why are these showing up and why are they separate from the “real” updates? Being on top, and separate, they steal focus from the important updates below.

Example of what it looked like today:

Those are Plasma Add-ons you have installed, which are updated via Discover. Stuff like icon themes, gtk and plasma styles. However, since you claim that you never installed them, it’s probably pre-installed by your distribution. You should have a way to uninstall them in Discover, or through their respective “Get new…” panels.


i don’t get those on kubuntu

this is what mine looks like this morn

Well, I briefly tried out a couple of themes early on, but I since deleted them again, prior to this happening/being asked about.

Strange. Debian here.

A friendly reminder that you’re contradicting yourself in the OP, which states you didn’t install these.

As for your problem though, how exactly did you uninstall them? If you did it through the GUI (like through Discover) then this is a bug and needs to be filed away on bugs.kde.org.

I don’t remember the details, but I think I right-clicked and selected “Remove” in the “Themes” settings. There are a few in there now, but they don’t have a way to remove them, so they must be the “base” ones.

you have to go to the “get new global themes” view, find the theme in there and then uninstall if you no longer want the theme to appear on the global theme page

That’s what I did. The “Add-on” updates contain updates for ones that are not listed as installed themes.

the sweet theme in particular seems to be not well behaved.

i installed global theme just to refresh my memory about how to uninstall when i created my earlier post, but then i started getting these add-on updates for

  • icons
  • aurora (twice for some reason)
  • and one other

so what i did was type the name of each one onto the desktop to find the folder where they live … all of them were in ~/.local/share except the icon pack which was found under system settings where i had to delete it as well

once my system was purged of all folders with those name (including the trash can) and i restarted the machine, then i was no longer offered those add-on updates.

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