When will we be able to arbitrarily switch WMs in KDE Wayland? How to get the best of Plasma and tiling WM features?

I posted this in the Reddit, but cross-posting to here as it seems folks are trying to transition away from Reddit (an excellent decision IMO).

What is the status of KDE decoupling Wayland compositor from KWin? [This thread(Reddit - Dive into anything) was last commented on six months ago and it sounded like this this is something that will happen sooner or later.

The best setup I ever had was Plasma + i3. However last time I used Wayland there was only one XWayland app that gave me trouble and I’d like to future-proof my desktop configuration by transitioning to Wayland sooner rather than later.

My second favorite desktop config was Plasma with tiling. But there were still certain combinations of features that I never managed to get all working together.

Below is my wish list if I could have everything I want in a desktop. If it’s not achievable now, might it be in the nearish future?
I feel like Plasma + a tiling WM is the way to go.

  • Window tiling with a spiral division pattern
  • Independent per-monitor workspaces. When I first used i3, I disliked this feature, but after going back to Plasma/KWin, I found that I missed it.
  • Window minimization.I never learned to like the scratchpad in i3.
  • Taskbar with minimized windows, apps, and Plasma applets.
  • Plasma desktop applets
  • Uses Wayland
  • Preferably doesn’t rely an any 3rd party dock unless it is well maintained and has backup maintaners. I really don’t like when important components of my desktop stop being maintained.

OTOH, if KWin implemented per-monitor activity switching like i3, I could just turn on KWin tiling and call it a day. Is there any chance of that happening?