When will we get file copy speed graph

When will we get file copy speed graph like in windows?


It is not quite the same, but you could use the Hard Disk Activity widget (and configure it furher to your liking if need be).

This is part of the reason why deleting a huge dir only takes one second in Linux, but one minute before it even starts in Windows.

i do lots of large file transfers, often taking to five minutes (on linux of course), and the file transfer speed vary wildly during these operations, I guess I am curious why this is not possible

Usually because one of the two machines are doing something else that is considered important enough to throttle some IO - maybe some might say updating a graph of a vague approximation of throughput vs. time to completion, along with historically comical estimates to completion of years

Once it has spent a while scanning the source in order to work out how much data it has to move and how many files it has…

While linux just, well, starts doing it…

Then again, if I was wanting to do some large file transfers (on linux of course), I’d not do it within a GUI.

It surely is possible.

For large transfers, I’d recommend FreeFileSync, which gives you that graph and resuming when transfer is interrupted.


i guess i should clarify, this is between a various USB devices to and from my computer

That might even complicate it further.
If you for example have the usb mounted without --sync (or copy to it without some kind of sync option) you might have to check your memory for how much data is left to copy, and that is just a hacky way of doing it. Ie the read is probably done fast AF, but the data is still in memory being written to the usb.

Something like watch -d grep -e Dirty: /proc/meminfo could give you an estimation.

This is more of a “use the correct tools for the correct job” kinda thing like have been mentioned above.

i see, so KDE will probably never get file copy speed graph?

In regards to how it works on windoze, extremely unlikely.

But if you change the question to “will it ever be standard in Dolphin”, then the answer might be different, I actually do not know.
But as others has pointed out, Dolphin is probably not the best application for huge data transfers on a regular basis.

Another thing i noticed about this is that kde/dolphin does seem to make ETA measurements as well as showing files-remaining and total KB/MB/GB copied, would this be able to just piggyback off the existing infrastructure already built in?

It is possible. You can create a bug report at https://bugs.kde.org for that, with “severity” set to “wishlist”.