Where are Kate configuration files on macOS?

I’ve been using Kate for close to 20 years, on and off. I’m now using it on macOS (Ventura) and I’ve run into a glitch. I’m upgrading to another computer. I had all my keybindings and settings on my previous Mac just as I wanted and now I’m dealing with all my settings from the old system gone.

I’ve looked in ~/Library/Preferences and used rsync and wildcard matches to copy any files matching kate to the new system and I’ve done the same with ~/Librarly/Application Support/kate. Once I copied those over, I ran Kate and still do not have my keyboard shortcuts I had made. (I also checked, before copying, if kate matched files that didn’t seem to be Kate related and I also found kxmlgui5 in Application Support.)

What files do I need to copy to transfer all my settings for Kate from one Mac to another?

Is there a better place for me to ask this question? Or did I mis-tag it or something? I would think the KDE forum would be the best place to ask this kind of question about a KDE program.

Maybe this helps.


If this does not help try the Matrix channels
Matrix - KDE Community Wiki

Maybe KDE Mac or the Kate channel can help.

I saw that earlier and was thinking, “So, so many files! There has to be a simpler answer!” But apparently not - it’s just stored in tons of files - and none of them, when copied to my new installation, made a difference. Still, thanks for checking!

Thanks. I’ll check there.