Where are kdenlive project files stored

Im running the snap version of Kdenlive, 23.04.0 on ubuntu 20.04.5

I want to be able to take backups of the project files and the associated video files so that I can recover the project or even run it on a different PC.

In Kdenlive I have specified my project files to go to a local directory I have created, /home/backup/kdenlive. I use “save as” and save the project in there.

However when I look in the folder there is nothing there. When I open “recent projects” the project appears saved in /run.user/doc/bf62e3864/myproject.kdenlive

Not only is that not the project folder I specified, but it is also inaccessible with its attributes listed as ? ? ?

So how do I place my project files where I can routinely copy and back them up? And why are they not being saved where I specified in the settings for Kdenlive?

Can you try the appimage? I have heard about packaging issues.

At any rate, please open a bug report in https://bugs.kde.org and be as detailed as possible. Adding screenshots or screen recordings makes it easier for the devs to home in on the the issue. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

I can confirm the bug doesnt appear in the appimg version. Ive submitted a bug report. I had trouble with screenshots with open menus, but the write up should be self explanatory