Where are the AppImage(s) for linux?

When I visit the page Download and use the AppImage version | KMyMoney it takes me to:

https ://invent.kde.org/office/kmymoney/-/pipelinespage=1&scope=all&ref=5.1&status=success

however, there are no artifacts found

Can someone direct me to the stable and/or development pages to KMM for linux


From my understanding, this is the correct place to download artifacts as Jenkins is being retired.
It looks like the artifacts for the latest stable build expired. I don’t believe this was intentional for it to expire and may need investigating.

On the new system, appimage artifacts expire after three days, as the system is designed with the belief that appimages are just used by developers to test new commits. We are still trying to find a way to always keep the most recent ones available.

Ok, I was just wondering what is happening. Thanks for the update(s)