Where are the folders from the home folder

Where are the folders from the home folder?

They are not there, the browser downloaded a huge file to an unknown location.

It is a bug.

Run the command xdg-user-dirs-update (no sudo!) to create them, or just do so manually with Dolphin.

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In order to create the missing directories, you probably want to run xdg-user-dirs-update --force. Without that it will just set the missing XDG user directories to $HOME and will not recreate them.

Check out the file ~/.conf/user-dirs.dirs to see what they are supposed to be - if you haven’t messed it already. If it looks weird - you can just remove it and run xdg-user-dirs-update --force to recreate the configuration and all the missing folders.

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Haven’t seen that happen in any of my installs in recent months, though I have fixed this immediately after the install.

(they really need to fix this one, though it does look like they have added a back port of a newer xdg-user-dirs package, so I imagine it will be fixed in the ISO image soon.)

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Try kfind if your browser can’t point you to its location

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