Where can I find the code for plasma's sticky note widget

I’m talking about the sticky notes widget built into plasma. (press middle click and you can add a sticky note). But I’m having difficulty locating the code that controls this. And haven’t seen any documentation about this feature.

I want to add something that will let me view the history of sticky notes located in: .local/share/plasma_notes/

And want to add some buttons to the sticky note interface.

Please point me to the code, and any learning resources and tools I might need.

I think this is the code: applets/notes · master · Plasma / Plasma Add-ons · GitLab

The starting point for KDE development is here: Get Involved/development - KDE Community Wiki


The notes widget that pops up on middle click is the KNotes tray icon, which is different from the Sticky Note widget. Both use the same icon. Here is the page for it: KNotes - KDE Applications

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