Where can I set default toolbar icon size for qt6/kde applications?

There was a setting to set default toolbar icon size for all qt/kde applications, which still somehow works for qt5/kde apps, but qt6/kde apps don’t seem to be aware of that and require changing it manually for each and every one of them. Is there a config file/setting they will respond to?

This is one of the main features that were removed from Plasma, and scaling is still blurry and broken in many scenarios, it will never give us the correct icon size.

I loved if the feature was retained only for Qt apps, like how it’s possible to change toolbar icons’ size for GTK apps.

My case is not related to scaling, it’s on the regular 96 dpi display, kde defaults to 22 size icons, which are too big for my taste, and while I can manually change it in kde apps, in qbittorent for example there is no such option.

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I also have a laptop with 1366*768 and scaling down is broken, so I’m living with those huge icons. I really wish if someone bring back that feature to be applicable only for KDE/Qt apps.

Thanks for linking that thread, so no workaround now, just waiting for the future changes.

Plasma devs want to rely on scaling to give the correct sizes for everythings, but users have different use cases and different hardware, which will never be handled by only scaling.