Where to download KMyMoney?

I am confused about where to download the latest stable compiled version of KMyMoney for Windows 11 64-bit.

I am currently running version 5.1.3-261c598d3,
which I think I got from the some repository several months ago.
I am wondering if I should update it.

The official Download page https : //kmymoney.org/download.html
says latest stable version can be found on KDE’s [CI build pipeline]
(https ://binary-factory.kde.org/job/KMyMoney_Release_win64/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/)
That has version 5.1-9ec7c5a33, which does not seem to be the latest.

It also says the latest stable release with aqbanking and gpg support can be found on the [KDE download server]
(https ://download.kde.org/stable/kmymoney/latest/).
That has version 5.1.3-3.1.12, but the file is dated Sep 2022, which seems odd.

The download page also mentions preview builds at
https ://kmymoney.org/snapshots.php
That seems to be 5.1, with a current date.

The download page also mentions the master branch at
https ://binary-factory.kde.org/job/KMyMoney_Nightly_win64/
That has versions like kmymoney-master-2022-windows-cl-msvc2019-x86_64.7z, which has no 5.x indicator.

There is also the KDE Sourceforge page
https ://sourceforge.net/projects/kde-windows/
which has a version 5.1.3 dated Jan 2023.

Can someone please help clarify this?


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There is yet another place to download from.

Here is a fixed bug:
https ://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=473082
It says found in 5.1.3, fixed in 5.1.4.
The latest commit is
https ://invent.kde.org/office/kmymoney/-/commit/ea96006d67ce5b379465c3f0f0e3d1a90269407d

That says it is in branch 5.1
https ://invent.kde.org/office/kmymoney/-/commits/5.1?ref_type=heads

So if I want that bug fix, I should download from that 5.1 branch?
But I think that is source code, not compiled.
Where would I find a compiled version?

There are several active branches:
https ://invent.kde.org/office/kmymoney/-/branches/active

What is the difference between master, 5.1, and Handbook-5.2 ?

What is the difference between these Branches and the other download places?

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Super quick response right now - 5.1 branch of git is what is released as 5.1.x, and contains only bug fixes. master branch contains new development as well as some bug fixes which are too difficult to apply to 5.1. 5.1.3 is the latest released version. The “fixed in” string in a bug refers to the earliest version which will contain the fix. It does not imply that version has actually been released yet. The Handbook branch is a work in progress for updating the handbook for the eventual release of 5.2 (tentative numbering only) from master branch. There is no timeline yet for that release, but it is likely at least several months away. Any other branches are used by developers for work on particular problems, but are not used for release.
In terms of compiled versions, the Binary Factory, which is where most of them are built, is in process of being replaced by a different system. As that settles, the download page will be updated with the new locations.
I’ll try to fill in more details later.

Some people abuse drugs. Others drive at ridiculously high speeds. I’ve heard that a few use chain saws on logs held between their legs. But for me, my thrill is downloading the latest appimage of KMM from AppImage [Jenkins]
Don’t judge. Please let me know when I can get back to “using”. I’m starting to get the shakes.

AppImage generation has recently been moved to Gitlab CI by KDE sysadmin. Please check the updated instructions on the KMyMoney website..

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Thanks Atheist for bringing this up and thanks ipwizard for the answer.

I was also awaiting a working linux appimage and had had problems with previous ones (fonts, calculator, etc).

I just downloaded this new one and after a little searching for it in the archive, found it runs with previous issues corrected. But why is it buried in a non-intuitive location in the downloaded archive?

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The CI/CD artifact generation is not controlled by the KMyMoney team. Maybe, @bcooksley of sysadmin fame can shed some light on this question or can point you to the person who can provide answers.

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The artifacts produced by the CI system are intended for developers and contributors to test with as they’re nightly builds. We therefore expect they’ll be able to navigate Gitlab.

We’ve decided to attach builds to the commit in question within Gitlab that they relate to - so you can know if a particular bug fix you are interested in is contained within that nightly build.

That is why they’re not as easy to access - however at the same time it is also easier to know exactly what you are getting.

When making a release, developers should be making an appimage available alongside the tarball, and this is what websites, etc. should be linking to.

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