Where to get previous installer for KMyMoney for Mac

In the latest version of KMyMoney for Mac, the home screen is blank. This is one of the most important screens in the app.

Looking for an older version (DMG installer) is possible?

I doubt that a working version is still available (unless someone still has the dmg file). You may try to use the current development version from the build service and see if that makes a difference. It is currently not really recommended to use for production purposes (so make sure to keep enough backups in case something goes really wrong).

Thanks a million, it is working now. I’ll make sure to make a backup of the installer!
You should really change the website to link to somewhere that has a working version.
Thanks again

I tried to install the older version of Kmymoney and unfortunately it did not work properly. Does anyone know is there a fix for the blank Home Screen?

Hi John, I’m having the same issues of the blank home screen on the latest stable build. Would you be able to provide the installer that worked for you plz?