Who is actually responsible for the akonadi google resource?

The akonady google resource bothers me. A lot. Especially the contacts component.
What also bothers me is that there is no obvious response to bug reports, so I wonder whether there is anybody responsible for this component at all?

It bothers me so much these days, that after many years I finally consider ditching kontact/kmail to search for a program that actually works with google. If there is such a thing under linux.

Hi, what doesn’t work for you and which version do you use? I use V5.45 and here it does work: I can receive and send e-mails, I can create calendar items, I see my address list. At the moment I also use V6.0.0 in a VM and in there it also works.

What stil doesn’t work completely (and I was hoping it finally would work) in V6.0.0 is the connection to an EWS Microsoft account. I can receive and send e-mails, see calendar items but can’t create them, nor change existing ones, and the address book is completely empty.

I just tested this in Thunderbird but in there the EWS account also doesn’t work completely. I guess the central factor is Microsoft, which doesn’t surprise me. They have everything different from open standards so it was to be expected.

I have a pretty big address list on google (over 2.000 contacts). The problems are:

  • Some of them don’t show up in kontact/kaddressbook at all.
  • Edits I do in kontact don’t get synced to Google.
  • Groups support doesn’t really work (I cannot add a contact to a group in kaddressbook or remove it from a group).
  • In akonadiconsole, my google resources are often seen stuck/frozen at places - like "changing xxx (0%) forever. Restarting/Syncing etc. doesn’t do anything.

Calendar and tasks work fine, as you said. But because of the problem in the contacts component, I have trouble working with emails as well, as it often doesn’t find the address I type in etc.