Who likes Kdenlive?

I know some of you have been using Kdenlive for years and decades! Show off your thoughts about why you like Kdenlive and how long do you use it in this thread here!

I’m willing to start with me. I like Kdenlive because I wanted to make videos like a professional video editor and it has a lot of effects that I could choose and it allows me to use & arrange several audio and video tracks.


I’ve been using it sinve 2016 (or whenever the Windows versio first came out).

It was also around the time that Adobe stopped selling perpetual licenses (which I was ready to buy a license for) and switched to monthly/yearly. I loved using Premiere on the few school computers that had it, but their new licensing strategy left a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, I tried every free video editor that I could get my hands on, and Kdenlive is the one that stuck. It felt like the closest to Premiere, and offered the most features. Over the years, they’ve added a ton of amazing features, and I’ve learned how to maximize its capabilities.

Kdenlive was my entry point into open source software, and I’m now a huge advocate. I’ve also learned so much about troubleshooting issues myself and working with a community of devs and users.

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Wow! Good thoughts! :slightly_smiling_face:

In 2016 I started to make videoclips for my church’s site. I was on mac. When I switched back to Linux, I tried some opensource editors. Since 2021 i use exclusively kdenlive. It is intuitive, well structured and with the possibilities to download extras from the web it has all I need.

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In 2020 I am away from Windows and so I had to find a replacement for Vegas Pro. I have tried all the video editors available in the Linux world and I can say for sure that Kdenlive is the best of them all. I chose Kdenlive because of some important features and stability.

Only the sister project: Shotcut is also still recommended, especially because of the very active and really good forum. Fortunately, the new forum of Kdenlive is coming to life, so that every user can feel good here, too.

In the meantime, I have already edited over 75 videos with Kdenlive. Since they are all very short, precision is very important to me, and I can achieve that well with Kdenlive. I do everything with Kdenlive, including the sound editing. Here is the link of my video channel. Since language is the most important element of my artistic work, the videos are probably only for those who understand German. Videosophie - tchncs

I’m very satisfied and don’t really need any new features. Stability and reliability is much more important to me.

And I am very grateful that I can use Kdenlive.

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I like it. Apart from ffmpeg, Kdenlive is the only video editor I ever use. I only do fairly simple stuff with it, but in regards to my use cases, it works flawlessly. Since I began using it some 6 or 7 years ago, I haven’t felt the need to consider any other video editor.

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It is good to hear from you @Kresimir!

If you want a free and decent video editor, kdenlive is probably one of the best. I’ve tested a lot, from Cinelera (years ago) to paid programs like Lightworks.

I’m not a profesionell at video editing, but I found KDEnlive the fastest. Transition effects, sound mixing… everything can be learned very quickly. And in the end you get exactly what you ordered.

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because i’ve “stressed” Jean to fix all things i hate or/and not intuitive… to have the most user-friendly and intuitive interface possible :slight_smile:
BTW i’m waiting for an hardcoded (from initial setup) key to hide the bottom status-bar to have more space on “vertical” videos :slight_smile: and hide/unhide without setting an hotkey

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My husband who’s a librarian uses it weekly more or less to edit videoclips and put together small instructional videos for larger projects. He’s not an expert in any way (most things are shot using his cellphone etc) but its kinda fun knowing that the things he sits at home putting together in Kdenlive is used all across our city to promote certain library services.

(Yes the city has a communications department but its very lack lustre, it takes a long time to finish stuff for them AND then its hard to get edits… and he’s one of those control freaks who tend to do everything on his own)


I don’t have a use case for Kdenlive, but knowing that it has the potential to be pronounced among software like FCP, Da Vinci Resolve makes me happy.


It’s one of the few editors I’ve used that can edit mkv videos with no issues. There’s probably one that does have it, but there’s a paywall or a subscription needed it in order to even use it.

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I used to appreciate Kdenlive for its video editing capabilities, but with the availability of DaVinci Resolve and Fusion, I find it challenging to see its relevance now. DaVinci Resolve offers both a free version and a paid studio version, the latter of which provides a range of additional features. Personally, one of my favorite features in the paid studio version is the support for Dolby Atmos (works on linux ;)) in Fairlight audio editing.

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I found kdenlive a month or two ago to quickly edit a school video project and I was looking for a free video editor that is easy to use like windows movie maker and has a lot of features like adobe premiere, and I found that kdenlive is the perfect mix.


I used kdenlive for censoring private data on mkv video streaming cast files.
apparently it is most simple to use alpha shapes (mask) to hide private data
when post processing video streaming.

Yet there is some deterioration in video quality when overlaying Alpha Shapes
over video stream.

I used it in-order to be able to deliver fast result before dead-line,
very available and practical for use. hope to figure out how to improve quality
even with alpha shapes mask.

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I have been using Linux Mint XFCE for over 4 years now. In the past, I had professional video editing experience with Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, but that was back in 2016-17. I eventually switched to the Linux platform and started my career in professional content writing, where I didn’t require any Windows-exclusive software for my daily work.

Recently, I began a YouTube channel in collaboration with my brother, who is a full-time YouTuber. This second channel primarily focuses on a little complex video editing, and I decided to take on this role since I had more experience in this area. Initially, I contemplated switching back to Windows for video editing due to the availability of advanced editing programs. However, having become accustomed to the Linux workflow for years now, I found it very challenging to return back to Windows.

With no other viable option, I decided to try out Kdenlive as my primary video editing software. Although it lacks some advanced features like keyframe management and its nested sequence functionality is still in alpha stage, I managed to find some workarounds using presets to create complex scenes and achieve my desired results.

My friends and brother are still amazed at how I produce such videos using Linux. In fact, my goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to be a full-time content creator while living in the Linux world. Currently, I am training two friends who are also joining our YouTube team, to use Linux and Kdenlive to streamline our editing workflow. So far, they are enjoying their experience with Linux, and for both of them, it’s their first computer experience with the Linux operating system.

One of my YouTube videos.


I like Kdenlive because it has a good amount of features. Not too many, not too few. I can make videos with it in a playful manner and not feel too overwhelmed or limited by it. It’s not too fussy about video formats either, which is another great plus. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of and find your way around it.

Most important though is its support of dithering. No joke, I love dithering. I was especially drawn to Kdenlive because of its dithering effect. I didn’t find it in any other video editor.
Here’s a video I’ve made with all the dithering on offer! The video was a playground for trying out a slew of other effects, too. ^^


How nice, that’s exactly my approach. I too had been working with Vegas Pro. But since I’m away from Windows and don’t want to go back, Kdenlive is so immensely important to me. And it works, amazingly well. Of course, you need patience because not everything always works the way you expect. But because we all help together, Kdenlive gets better and better.


That’s a good story!

That’s a cool story to hear!