Why are all listed entries in the Recent Files KCM disabled for me?

Because you don’t want to be able to have any granularity in what history you keep?

Just a guess, 'cause that is what your radio button says…


I don’t quite understand, @angus. Haven’t I instructed it to remember everything?

You set it to “all apps”.

Your radio button selection suggests that you want to remember everything…

So the bit you are complaining about being disabled is greyed out because you haven’t considered that remembering everything means that you don’t want to be able to disable anything… so the bit of the panel where you can disable stuff is, well, erm, disabled…

Maybe you would prefer if it was pale blue and faded out automatically?

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@Angus, that explains why it’s unexpectedly disabled — I had confused its functionality for the opposite. That is, I expected to be able to access recent files there instead of disable logging for them. Thank you.

@Angus, I don’t quite understand why you assume something so strangely specific, but I don’t particularly care. I think that all the disablement indicators are consistent currently, but this can be modified by the user in the colours KCM anyway.