Why are none of the official themes in store.kde.org?

Searching via Get New for breeze in kcmshell5

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or #Konsole

doesn’t show breeze as an available theme. Nor does Search: Breeze.

I realize that this is the norm for distributions currently

But is there a deliberate reason for this?

If not, I could always publish the official Breeze theme myself, but anyone can do that - it wouldn’t help users who want the official version find it.

I wonder whether I should file this at Log in to KDE Bugtracking System.

I don’t understand, why would you install Breeze from the KDE store? Every distribution should be shipping Breeze.

Off the top of my head, I imagine that having duplicate Breeze theming existing at both the system level as well as in the user’s local directories would cause conflicts. The user-installable one could always have a completely different name to avoid this of course.

My second thought is, well why? Why would it bee useful to have the Breeze theming packages that come installed by default as a core component on the Store?

As to Opensuse, I can’t say. Copyright? Custom code that might not work properly? Probably the same reasons I mentioned above may be relevant, as well. More guesses. I don’t see a LOT of distro’s official theming on the store.


As others have alluded to, it’s because the official themes are generally packaged by distros. If there were two ways to get the same thing–one via distro package manager and two via store.kde.org–that would be quite confusing. In addition, each of these installation methods has a different scope. Distro packages are installed systemwide for everyone in a root-owned location, while store.kde.org assets gets installed in the user’s home directory. Clearly this would not work for the purpose of having a theme installed by default for everyone.

Essentially, think of store.kde.org as a place for add-on content. User-submitted content. Additional content. Non-default content. Etc.


I didn’t know this. Is there a way for a user to install a theme systemwide from store.kde.org? I’m guessing it needs to be manually unpacked somewhere?

Additionally, would this prevent automatic updates, since it’s not a distribution package?

Thanks for the responses, all.

Not officially in the GUI, no. But if you know where stuff lives, you can copy them to the systemwide location manually, yeah. You’re on your own when you do this because it’s not officially supported.


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