Why can't I use Alt+PrtSc as a screenshot shortcut in KDE?

I’m used to taking active window screenshots with Alt+PrtSc. Why can’t I assign this combination in KDE?

Fedora 38 accepts it as a strange two-step “Alt, Alt+SysReq”, Debian trixie as this:

Still, in both distros, Alt+PrtSc doesn’t do anything.

In Xfce it works, so I guess it’s not an X limitation. Looks KDE-specific.

Hi - check out here for some background:


And here for some possibly helpful / related workarounds from folks using Mint/Cinnamon:

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Thanks for your input. I’ve tried experimenting with SysRq settings… not sure that’s the correct way to go.

I compare the behavior of two machines (both X, no Wayland):

  • Debian with KDE;
  • Xubuntu with Xfce.

On both machines kernels react to SysRq; I test using specifically PrtSc key and “h” command that appends a help message into dmesg.

In KDE on Debian, Alt+PrtSc forms the garbage on assignment (see screenshot above) and is ignored on usage.

In Xubuntu, with kernel hearing the Alt+PrtSc+commands (even from the Xfce session), Xfce still perfectly handles Alt+PrtSc for the screenshots :smiley: A live example of SysRq commands co-existing with screenshots.

This makes me think the issue is indeed KDE-related.

I use the I guess standard shortcuts part of the KDE package shortcuts prefer not to change too much the defaults plus others my own added

They all work !

The only thing I might add is, it threw me off the first few times I used that screen because I was accustomed to seeing “Meta” mean the Alt key and “Super” mean the don’t-call-it-Windows key, so the usage of Meta to mean “Super” here is something I’m still adjusting to.

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