Why do most distribution packages not seem to use AppStream?

I’ve never quite understood why Discover prioritises AppStream-inclusive applications over all else,

but it doesn’t appear to be problematic for most people, so I’d like to get all packages using AppStream.

Were any of the packages listed in “System Updates” to provide accompanying AppStream metadata (for instance, were they to utilize something like Guidelines and HOWTOs/AppStream - KDE Community Wiki) would they then be listed individually, alongside the Flatpak and Snap packages, or do more requirements exist?

If it is as seemingly simple as it appears to be, I’m surprised that Fedora and OSTW appear to not have just run Ubuntu Manpage: appstream-generator - Generate AppStream metadata from distribution repositories on their repositories yet.

There must be reasons?

If this isn’t the best place to ask, I’ll find somewhere else, but I can’t think of anywhere currently.

Because they’re not apps. AppStream is designed for apps, not technical system packages.

@ngraham, what’s the distinction between an “app” and “technical system package”? I’ve not ever heard someone use such nomenclature before now. Do you mean that something inherent to their packaging format makes them incompatible with AppStream?

If the terms “app” and “technical system package” don’t seem self-explanatory to you, I’m not sure I can help, sorry.

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No worries. Thanks anyway.

I think the “mission statement” you’re looking for is summarized here:

AppStream provides the foundation to build software-center applications.

And the technical descriptions relevant to what a desktop application (“app”) are:


[Question] Add ability to resolve package conflicts interactively? · Issue #604 · PackageKit/PackageKit · GitHub would appear to dispute this, since both openSUSE and Fedora were able (but ultimately chose not to due to finances) create such metadata for their package repositories:

Zypper removed support for AppStream data because it caused problems, and it’s still too expensive for Fedora to produce AppStream repodata along every compose, which would be a requirement for being able to do this properly (which is why DNF doesn’t have support for processing AppStream data).