Why do most KDE projects not publish releases at GitLab?

It seems strange that I can’t get any recent copies of Breeze from Releases · Plasma / Plasma Breeze visual style · GitLab. I realize that https://binary-factory.kde.org/ exists, so is it because projects don’t want to duplicate CI? I’ve never done automated compilation, so if this has an obvious answer, I apologize for not knowing it.

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It was mentioned at some point that someone (Harald?) was working on automating this so our releases would show up as GitLab releases too.

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Then do you think this would be acceptable as a trackable ticket in bugs.kde.org, @redstrate?

What kind of release are you talking about anyway?

We do release source code on https://download.kde.org/, but unless you are a distribution that’s not particularly interesting for you.

binary-factory is used for building distributable binaries for platforms like Windows.

We do not release binary packages for non-application components like Breeze anywhere

Generally just an archive file is provided for anything without a standard installation format, like Breeze - KDE Store provides.

Not really, there’s nothing to track

Then I’ll mark Why do most KDE projects not publish releases at GitLab? - #2 by redstrate as the solution.