Why does a Breeze Light theme not exist for Konsole?

If it does, I’ve somehow not noticed it, so apologies if so.

Did u know that in some poor parts of the world the computer screen is the only source of light?

In other parts of the world it is more of a skeuomorphism, as akselmo might say. We illuminate a large surface with a lot of energy to be able to image a little black text on it, as if it were paper.

Konsole: You can customize the appearance to your liking in the settings of each profile, or use pre-made themes. There’s a button, “get new …”


I don’t see an official version of breeze-light from @KDE.

The content available here has been uploaded by users like you, and has not been reviewed by your distributor for functionality or stability.

I’m sure you’re just making a joke, but I must apologize, for I don’t have any idea what any of it means.

Because nobody made one, I guess.

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