Why does `discuss-cdn.kde.org` have a GUI?

I was looking at an image like https://discuss-cdn.kde.org/uploads/default/original/2X/c/cfd3035192e1783f3144a7f2e455576b84729715.jpeg, and tried to delete the URI in Firefox’s address bar to navigate elsewhere. However, I accidentally didn’t remove the domain and schema, and found myself somewhere strange - https://discuss-cdn.kde.org/.

Interestingly, its GUI is purple, rather than the KDE-standard blue, and KDE Discuss - KDE Community doesn’t work:

…so it seems to me like it’s not something that’s designed to be visited. Consequently, why does the CDN have a GUI?

https://discuss.kde.org/ also has a purple theme.

It seems to be the same Discouse installation as discuss.kde.org, perhaps with more agressive caching rules? I imagine it to be another vhost in the server’s configuration with different headers.

Looking at the response headers, I do indeed see additional headers. These are from CDN77 which handles higher bandwidth data (multimedia) and does caching. Also, the HTTP version is upgraded from 2 to 3. On the other hand, the cache-control and expires headers, which recommend the browser to cache downloaded data, are (nearly) identical.

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@ConfuSomu, yeah, that must have changed sometime since I last authenticated - I’ve got https://discuss.kde.org/u/rokejulianlockhart/preferences/interface set to use the default Dark and Light, so I don’t notice when authenticated. I remember it being KDE blue.

Thanks for the explanation of the differences. I’d pit my question to the administrator, but I think I’ve bothered the poor lad enough recently.