Why does gwenview decodes RAW instead of displaying the embedded preview?

Hello together,

if opening RAW files (the raw sensor data from digital cameras) with gwenview, it does not make sense to convert the RAW for displaying. It is slow, and it displays a very poor and meaningless picture always, and therefore useless. This issue prevents from being able to inspect hundreds of RAW files.

The RAW file contains an embedded JPEG picture which has been used in the past until approximately kimageformats version 5.99.0. (Therefore, I fixed this version from being updated).

There is an option “Advanced > Thumbnails: Low resource usage mode” which does NOT help, and if it would, it would miss the point.

From my opinion, for the gwenview use case, it never makes sense to import the RAW data. Even if there would be vendors who are embedding a poor preview, the imported, not edited RAW is much more poor in most cases. If in doubt, I would suggest a configurable resolution threshold to choose a minimum resolution which must be fulfilled for the embedded picture to choose it instead of importing the RAW data.

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