Why doesn't discover-notifier enable offline updates by default if they're recommended?

I just installed openSUSE Software per 1213780 – KDE Discover doesn't come include Updates KCM as dependency., and considering that it states

how come the option is disabled by default? I ask because it’s hard to tell whether they’re really recommended or not.

I understand that as a new linux user, you want to do everything by the GUI and run things automatically, but this is not Windows. I understand this, because I was a new linux user many years ago. It is a learning curve, but if you want it, you MUST learn it. There is no other way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many updates will pause and ask a question about versions, or dependencies and wait for you to answer how you want to handle the issue. You cannot automate this without it coming back to bite you in the end. Also allowing a program to automatically run as sudo is a disaster waiting to happen.

I turned off Software Updates completely and run all of it manually. I need that control.

Why is it not turned on by default? Because that should never be the default and it shouldn’t even be an option, in my opinion of course.

While I totally agree with you, the OP is not asking about automatic updates. This is about offline updates, installed after a reboot.

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Sorry. I misunderstood.

I am digging and I can’t even find that option on Tumbleweed.

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It’s not on mine, either. OP mentioned the Discover Notifier; maybe that needs to be installed first.

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As far as I know (I could be wrong), Fedora is the only distro that offers updating the system on reboot. It may be a question to ask them, as it doesn’t appear to be a KDE thing.

I have that option on my Arch machine, haven’t yet checked my Tumbleweed laptop.

Systemsettings → Software Update

Haven’t tested if it actually works.

Hmmm. I check my Tumbleweed laptop and it is the same. I just did a fresh install on it this morning. I had spent the weekend testing NixOS on it.

Yeah, @ajgringo619 and @WilsonEPhillips, I stated in Why doesn't discover-notifier enable offline updates by default if they're recommended? that

I’m not new to Linux whatsoever. I’ve been using it on every device I own for at least 2.5 years now. I also learnt the command line first for most tasks, which is why I’m now asking about the GUIs, because I don’t want to do something via the command line (unless programmatically in a script) if I can do it via a GUI.

Thanks though.

I’m sorry, I did not know you were already a seasoned user. My apologies.

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No, I’m not definitely quite a seasoned one yet. You’re more competent than I am. I’m just certainly not new to the command-line is all. Thanks lots.

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The answer to this original question is because the distro gets to choose the default value here, not KDE. We would love it if all distros opted into offline updates in the interests of system stability, but many don’t–especially conservative distros like the ones from openSUSE. If you think this choice has been made incorrectly, you’ll need to go bug the distro about it.


I’d love to, but I don’t want to be berated by them for not knowing why they might have chosen the other value by default. Do you think you could give me (what you envision to be) the reason for it? It might, of course, be that it makes sense in OpenSUSE’s case.

Having read through some of your bug reports on their infrastructure, you’re receiving negative reactions because you’re acting rude by pestering people with incessant questions and explaining in great detail why you won’t follow proper procedure instead of just following proper procedure.

Change your behaviors there and I think you’ll get better reactions.

I don’t know why the openSUSE folks made the decision they made, and I won’t presume to speak for them in absentia.