Why don't some default applications adhere to System Settings' Feedback preference?

I thought the entire reason for exposing the preference in systemsettings was so that I wouldn’t need to set it in every application I utilize.

  1. System Settings

  2. Kate

  3. Dolphin

And, although I expect it’s not possible, I haven’t merely missed a way to get it to do this, right?

They’re separate apps that (when enabled) collect different telemetry seperately and can be installed independently from each other - Why wouldn’t they offer granular per app opt in for telemetry?

KDE cannot just assume that someone who wants to share some information about their usage of plasma also wants to share completely different information about their usage of a number of completely different programs of which they might not even know that they have opt in telemetry.

Like, you understand that vlc or firefox isn’t impacted by that setting, why would dolphin be?


Then why does that rationale not apply to discover?

Because those projects have no relation to KDE, and consequently don’t utilize their frameworks, nor attempt to integrate with KDE in most regards. Most importantly, VLC is not integrated by default in most KDE installations on most OSes (despite utilizing Qt).

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I suspect this comes down to delineating, as a “product”, what is KDE Plasma from an end-user standpoint.

The most readily-available place I can see that communicates this is the following page:

Which stumbles, IMO, in that halfway down (under “Powerful when needed”), there’s a section for “Professional Applications” that advertises Krita, Kdenlive, and DigiKam. Maybe if that section had a callout like “The look, feel and function of Plasma fits perfectly with KDE’s professional applications, including…”?

I suspect the more technically correct/detailed location to look is here:

All of that to say…would it be helpful to, in that interface where you’re selecting the level of telemetry volunteered to KDE for “Plasma”, have a link to that Invent category page, with a note that “Your choice here will apply to the components of the Plasma desktop, as detailed at the link below”? (With the ideal state being, I’d think, also linking out to the corresponding settings for other core applications like Dolphin if someone wants to cover all telemetry volunteering in one fell swoop)


Because it’s part of plasma. Dolphin and Kate are not, they’re part of kde gear.

It makes sense to us that firefox and vlc would not be included but to a non technical user it would look pretty random if that system settings page would set the telemetry setting for some apps but not others. They don’t know dolphin is KDE software. There’s not even a K in the name /hj

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Another part of the reason is that this feedback thing is actually from a KDE library, KUserFeedback. It’s something that targets the needs of projects and requires implementing for a given application.


@Herzenschein, thanks for that. I’ll request that kate and dolphin provide the ability to adhere to the systemsettings preference by using that library, then.

You request that all KDE gear apps should be FORCED to implement telemetry.

Let me ask you a follow up question:
If that is implemented, and a user does NOT want to share anything other than what is mentioned in the system settings > user feedback, how would they do that?
Ie, the user want to provide feedback to plasma but NOT anything else?

This all sounds a LOT like how windows does things, and that was ONE of the reasons I left that operating system.

PLEASE do not do that KDE.
Let the user have the freedom to set that for each and every app instead, force the user to OPT IN for every piece of data being gathered.

See Overhauling telemetry (#3) · Issues · Frameworks / KUserFeedback · GitLab.



I don’t. If you begin to attempt to inform me what I mean by what I state, I shan’t respond to you. It’s disingenuous and nonsensical.

Stop being so emotional.

A federated configuration, like Log in - Wikipedia implements, whereby I can set a global preference which I can override on a per-application basis.[1]

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Thanks, @ngraham. Very well explained. I agree.